What are your Croatian Drinks? Whether its Beers, Wines or something stronger, read on to find your tipple!

Like most European countries there are a number of great Croatian drinks. For purely unselfish reasons I have taken it upon myself to try as many as possible and share my favourites with you below. Wine and Beer in particular evoke passion in people so I invite you to post your own views on any of the drinks you have had.

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Croatian Beer

Of all the Croatian drinks the beers (or 'Pivos') are my favourite. There are 4 types in particular that I really rate.

The first is Karlovacko, it is a popular beer in Croatia and Bosnia and produced by brewer Karlovacka Pivovara. In 2005 it won an award for beers between 4.5 and 5.5 abv. The beer itself is golden coloured and has a bitter but refreshing taste.

Karlovačko Beer

Ožujsko pivo is a Croatian lager beer, which is produced by the Zagreb Brewery since 1892. Ožujsko is the most consumed beer in its own country, a record for a 'marzen' type beer (a dark malty beer which this lager is).

Ozujsko Beer

Pan Pivo is a mainline style lager produced by Carlsberg Croatia. Its a good beer to have ice cold as a thirst quencher, or the first beer of a night out.

Pan Pivo Beer

Velebitsko Pivo is a very popular beer, brewed in Gospić on the mountains in Lika. The light beer is about 5% and the dark is 6% so its a strong beer. Apparently the dark beer has been voted best beer by an English beer fan website, and I can understand why.

Velebitsko Beer

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Pan pivo 
I had quite a few of these when I visited Croatia. Beer in the glass very zippy, small head. Starts mild, but also dry, some woody notes. Some hints …

Right here goes.. The beer in the glass is pale yellow with a little CO2 and pearly-fine foam that holds excessively long. Surprisingly pleasant hoppy …

ozujsko Not rated yet
Ozujsko is great because of it's hearty flavor. Nevertheless, on a hot day Karlovacko is really refreshing

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Rakija is a strong liquor that is popular in Croatia and the surrounding countries. The most famours brand is Badel. Rakija is usually about 40% strength but can be as much as 60%.

Similar to brandy, it is made from fermented fruits, mostly grapes, but sometimes other fruits such as peaches, apricots, apples or even figs, however probably the most famous variety is slivovitz, which is produced from plums. After distillation it is often mixed with other ingredients, such as sour cherries, herbs, honey or walnuts, this has the result of many different flavours of the drink. Like many liquors it is kept in wooden casks to improve its taste and colour.

Rakija is traditionally served in special small glasses and in the Balkan peninsula it is commonly served as a welcoming drink for guests.



Similar to Jägermeister, Pelinkovac is an herbal bitter liqueur, made of wormwood. It is extremely popular throughout Croatia and the Balkans. The major brand of pelinkovac is the Gorki List, which is a Croatian phrase meaning ‘Bitter Leaf’.

A common (not sure popular is the right word) cocktail using Pelinkovac is "Poison Milk". This consists of 1 shot of Pelinkovac and 1 shot of Bailey's Irish cream!


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