Croatian food is one of the many reasons why we Love Croatia!

Croatian food draws upon a variety of major European influences. On the northern coast of Istria there is a heavy Italian vibe, further down the coast in Dalmatia there are Sea food specialities to die for. In contrast there are influences off the filling Strudel and Schnitzels that you find in central Europe.

If you fancy trying some yourself our Recipes Page contains the full list of dishes we have made ourselves with simple easy to follow instructions.

Here are some of the regulars that you will see across the country.

Ajvar This is a relish made from aubergine, red pepper and chillies. Its great with grilled meat but be careful the spiciness can vary considerably!

If spicy isn't your thing don't worry Ajvar is not just for those with a fire proof mouth.

Depending on the type of peppers and the amount of chillies it can be sweet too. Best bet is to try a little and then add to taste.
Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Avjar.

Brodet Another classic of Croatian food is Brodet. It is a simple rustic dish but very tasty.

Brodet is a stew and is made with several types of fish cooked in a single pot with lots of onion and garlic.

Definitely one to try if you are after a real Croatian experience! Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Brodet.

Burek Burek is a classic pastry dish that is not just found in Croatia but right across the Balkans. Its a bit like a Cornish pasty but is made from flakey thin pastry rather than the heavy shortcrust.

Bureks come in a variety of types and flavours. The most common and popular varieties contain cheese or meat. Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Burek.


Buzara Buzara is basically a sauce, its great for bringing out the flavours in Seafood. One of the most popular servings are as an accompanier to scampi.

Croatians make Buzara with olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs and fresh tomatoes.

Some recipes will add cognac and red wine to add a little kick. Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Buzara.

Cevapcici Originally brought to Croatia by the Ottoman empire Cevapcici is a meat ball dish made from a variety of minced meats.

The meat balls are usually spicy and a frequenly served with one of our other Croatian food favourites, Ajvar.

The dish is comprised of 5-10 pieces and is often finished off nicely with a local variety of flat bread. Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Cevapcici.

Ispod Ispod is a Dalmatian speciality of slow cooking inside a dome shaped pot called a Peka.

The pot is set in hot coals and used to make meat tender and delicious!

The best dishes are lamb and octopus.

Na Zaru
Na Zaru A method of cooking Croatian food popular across the country is Na Zaru.

Not dis-simimlar to barbecuing Na Zaru is a simple method of cooking meat and seafood on a grill.

The post popular dishes to be cooked this way are Pork, white fish and squid.

Paski Sir
Paski Sir Paski Sir is a cheese that originates from the island of Pag.

The cheese itself is hard and salty and made from sheeps milk.

You can enjoy Paski Sir as a starter and a dessert. It is by far the most popular cheese in Croatia.

I would love to give you a recipe on how to make your own but unless you own a cave on the island of Pag you would struggle! Instead why not read more about it on our Croatian Cheese Tour page. Its a great day out!

Rozata Our final Croatian food is a dessert, how better to end a meal.

Rozata is a flan like dessert and made with a caramel custard and is sometimes served with rum or cherry liqueur.

The best is Maraschino, the cherry liqueur thats native to Zadar. Click here for a recipe to make your own Rozata.

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